The Center for Data Science (CEDAS)

CEDAS logo

The Center for Data Science, CEDAS, was established in 2018 to facilitate, unify and coordinate research and education efforts in data science and artificial intelligence across the University of Bergen.

While CEDAS first and foremost focuses on the urgently needed principal research in data science, it also embraces research-based higher education in data science (BSc., MSc., and PhD) as well as applications of data science, including data-driven science such as bioinformatics as well as applications in businesses and the society. Furthermore, CEDAS is also addressing important questions related to software and hardware infrastructure, needed to facilitate successful data science. Orthogonally to CEDAS’ technical and mathematical research directions, humanitarian and societal questions (ethics, RRI, etc.) also are an important part of the CEDAS research focus.

CEDAS currently pursues five research directions in data science with particular emphasis:

    • Algorithms
    • Machine Learning
    • Visualization
    • Statistics
    • Bioinformatics
    • Behavior